IBM iSeries Programming

DPC’s staff of highly qualified programmers are able to customize our software or modify your IBM iSeries (AS/400) software.

Key Benifits

  • DPC has been in business programming IBM systems for over 20 years
  • IBM Business Partner since 1984
  • 190 Years of Programming Experience


Our staff is diverse enough to handle all of your IBM iSeries Programming needs. Our programming language of choice is ILE RPG/400, but we have experience in COBOL, CL, and S36 BASIC.

  • Custom Programming
  • Specialized Programming
    • EDI – Utilizing Harbinger (Premenos)
      • Receiving Orders
      • Remittance Confirmation
      • Advance Shipping Notices
    • Bar Code Labels – T.L. Ashford
    • Time & Attendance
  • Help Desk
    • 800 Support Line available
    • Each call logged
    • Immediate Response to Operational Questions
    • Work Orders for Software Change Requests and Quotes
    • Emergency – Priority 01
  • RPGII System 36 Programming