Accounts Receivable

There are several advantages to using DPC’s Accounts Receivable system. Our system provides Fast Payment Recording, Easy Receivables Tracking and Accurate Cash Management.

Benefits and Features of using DPC’s Accounts Receivable system include:

  • Process receivables on a balance forward or open-item basis and assign the method to individual customers
  • Record receipts against specific invoices and process prepayments against invoices not yet recorded
  • Process deposits for multiple bank accounts
  • Automatically post cash receipts to the check reconciliation file
  • Assign an unlimited number of state and local tax codes and rates
  • Delete or renumber customer account numbers
  • Process invoices and receipts for cash sales
  • Retain customer history for as unlimited time period
  • View or print history transactions for a range of customer numbers
  • Print statements on standard or custom forms for a billing cycle, for all customers or a specific customer
  • Create classification codes, term codes, salesperson codes, sales codes, sales tax codes, and general ledger interface codes
  • Use Accounts Receivable as a stand-alone module or integrate seamlessly with the General Ledger, Checkbook, Order Entry and Invoicing module

What you need to get started