Computer Repair


DPC offers both drop-off (Bring it to us!) and on-site (We'll come to you!) personal computer repair services. Whatever your need, we want to make getting your computer fixed as fast and easy as possible.

Flat Rate Services

Virus & Spyware Removal
Complete cleanup of your PC. We offer fast turnaround and 30 day Guarantee.
Remove Viruses
Remove Malware & Spyware
Remove unused programs slowing your PC

Hardware Repair
Flat fee to correct common hardware problems with your PC.
Replace Bad Power Supply
Replace Bad Hard Drive ( Without Data Recovery)
Repair all common Hardware Problems

OS Installation
Upgrade to the Latest Version of Windows or Reinstall For Better Performance.
Reinstall all hardware drivers
Install Basic Software
Reinstall Any Programs With Disc

Data Recovery
Working Hard Drive
Dependent on if Hard Drive is Readable
Save important Documents, Pictures, and other Files
Saved to Customer Supplied Portable Drive or New PC
Data Recovery
Non Working Hard Drive
Dependent on Hard Drive Spinning Up
Save important Documents, Pictures, and other Files
Saved to Customer Supplied Portable Drive or New PC

Hourly Rate Services

In-House Services
For All Services Not Listed As Flat Rate
On-Site Service
$100 Minimum
Custom PC Builds
Parts Not Included

Most drop-off services are billed at a flat rate, though depending on the issue and work order, an hourly charge may be incurred. Please make sure that all billing questions are answered and that you understand the charges before services are rendered.


Though we will make every attempt to accommodate your computer service needs, please be aware that our in-house repair lab is better suited for some services. Also note that all House Call services are $100 per visit and $80 per hour after the first hour (not including parts, shipping and taxes).


All listed prices are a general representation of DPC's computer repair services. Some situations are unique and may apply to multiple pricing catagories or none at all. DPC reserves the right to make price adjustments based on unique and/or changing circumstances.


Service completion times vary and can be affected by events that are not in DPC's control. While DPC may provide an estimated time of completion, these are only estimates and are subject to change.
Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for in-house computer services.


Prices do not include tax and shipping fees.

Please read our Terms of Service.